The Things We’ve Learned about Charlie

It hasn’t taken David and me long to learn things about Charlie. He’s pretty much who he said he was on that Saturday at the shelter. No false pretenses. No game playing. Just a laid-back lab with soulful brown eyes.


David and I do suspect that Charlie is a bit younger than everyone guessed. Maybe he did try to cover up puppy tendencies. He likes to gnaw on stuff. The cushion, the rug, and his new dog bed. Or he’s in the toddler stage because he acts out by chewing up stuff when he doesn’t get his way.

In all fairness, Charlie has figured out that we are older than he suspected. Why? We are boring. We are quiet. We like being on the porch, drinking our coffee, eating dinner, and watching sunrises and sunsets. David listens to jazz. Charlie has found his own spot in the corner, under David’s feet. He must be ok with the music selection.

Charlie probably has notes about us (I wonder where he keeps them) as we have learned the following about him.

  • He loves the soybeans. All we can see is the top of his tail as he tracks imaginary critters through the rows. Or maybe they aren’t imaginary.
  • He knows “sit” and does it well for treats. He’s no dummy.
  • He hates storms and thunder. He goes to the basement. Again, no dummy.
  • He’s David’s dog. He rushes to him in the afternoon, tail wagging, when he comes home from work. I think he tolerates me.
  • He does yoga stretches when he lays down and makes a funny yawning noise.
  • He can climb the neighbor’s gate. I saw it happen.
  • He loves to sleep above the floor. The chair, the extra bed in the basement, and the couch. Anywhere he can get without being caught.
  • He loves bacon.
  • He doesn’t like Pringles.
  • He wants no part of chasing a tennis ball. He looks at David with his “stupid human” gaze. He does like rolling in the grass.
  • img_1142.jpg


  • Charlie is oddly particular about where he takes care of business. He will hold it forever, scouting for the perfect spot. Personally, I think he does it just to see how impatient the humans will get.

And finally…..

  • We knew we couldn’t keep him on a leash forever. I mean what fun is that for country dog? We took him to the creek. He did a walk about after a refreshing dip in the creek. We weren’t sure he would come back. Thankfully, before David and I reached the house, we heard paw-thunder behind us.

I think Charlie is keeping us.