To Granny’s House We Go

I didn’t post a blog last week. My daughter and the two grandkids were here all week. Need I say more?

Our daughter Kelci is on maternity leave after the birth of our grandson on February 14th (a valentine baby and also Dad’s birthday). After being holed up in her house for six weeks, she needed a change of pace. Her husband Will had returned to work at the medical clinic, the baby was suffering from a touch of acid reflux (we called it colic but it still means nonstop crying), and their 2.5 year old daughter was adjusting to a new brother by NOT sleeping in her bed. No matter the age, sometimes a person just needs a visit home.

The kids arrived on Saturday and the weather misbehaved all week. We hoped for warm days and less wind. We got rain, cool temps, and brutal gusts (the kind that flips the outdoor furniture). My friend from North Dakota was also here a few days (she and a couple of other friends surprised me with their visit to my retirement party) and she brought sundresses. They stayed packed in her suitcase.

Despite the wet weather, we didn’t allow it to dampen our spirits or curtail our fun. Highlights of Addison’s week were visiting the neighbors. New lambs were born. Betty Ann became the proud mother to Fiona and Franklin. There were also eggs to gather (a few didn’t make it to the house), chickens to feed, and sheep to pet. We had one nice day of sunshine and Addison agreed to a ride on the 4-wheeler if granny agreed to come along. We also squeezed in some baking time.

Highlights of Rylan’s week were snoozing peacefully in his swing and being fed whenever he was hungry. He had longer spells of alertness and gave us all some big smiles (no not gas, real smiles). He was held, sniffed, and rocked by everyone. We laughed at his arm movements and boxing jabs.  It’s probably because he is so sore under his arms after being tossed around like a sack of potatoes. He was a trooper.

I believe Kelci had a few nice moments herself. She made it through a whole cup of coffee a couple of mornings without having to nuke it multiple times. Although the weather wasn’t great, she witnessed a couple of nice sunsets. She had a spinach and cheese omelet for breakfast almost every day and took a hot shower without listening for the baby to cry. It’s the little things.  Will arrived on Friday and our son Nelson joined us for dinner. One of the peaks of my week was to have the entire family together for a few hours. Laughter is always on the menu.


On Saturday afternoon, Kelci and Will packed the car (packed is right with swings, diapers, Easter baskets, clothing, 2 car seats, etc.) and headed south. Like all parents with small children, they hoped their timing of just feeding Rylan and Addison’s nap time would carry them home in a reasonable state of peace. It’s always a little sad to see them go………Now, the house is quiet. The refrigerator is empty. Granny needs a nap.

It was a nice week here on Windy Hill.

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