Moments of Happiness

Addison Swing

I love this photo


it’s a moment of happiness captured forever.


it’s the beginning of Addison’s childhood memory of the swing Popi made, and this tree.


it’s a reminder of my childhood memories, and

the memory of passing this tree, a thousand times, in the car with Mom and Dad, crushed between siblings.


it’s walking to the watermelon patch and taking a moment in the tree’s shade.


it’s passing this tree with shovel in hand to dig potatoes to feed us through winter, and

to collect a million ears of corn, tossing them in the bed of Dad’s red Chevy truck.


I walked by this tree to gather blackberries with my belt looped through milk jugs for hands free picking.


this tree served as a protector when mama cow chased me to the fence.


I sat in the shade of this tree with Mom and Dad as they built the house, I now call home.

I love this photo.

It’s a photo of happiness.

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